Play new iPhone apps and computer 3-D tic tac toe game: X's and O's Changes the Game™

By incorporating a movable grid that changes the game with every move, we've added another layer of strategy to the classic tic tac toe game! Simple to learn and played by all ages for centuries, you may now enjoy 2 player tic tac toe online or play tic tac toe on your iPhone, Android or computer.

One of the best apps you'll find, Kengo, Inc.'s "X's and O's Changes the Game" 3-D tic tac toe provides minutes or hours of entertainment while exercising your brain. It's the perfect choice if you're looking for new apps for your iPhone or want to play tic tac toe games online.

Looking for an online tic tac toe game appropriate for children? "X's and O's Changes the Game" develops mathematical problem solving skills by applying a variety of strategies. "X's and O's Changes the Game" meets State of Indiana and other state Process Standards for learning.

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"As an educator, I can tell you that we are always looking for games and activities that engage students' interest while helping them think. We're also always looking for games that align with the curriculum.

The National Council of Teachers has identified and described five process standards for learning. One of these is 'knowledge through problem solving.' Problem solving is also one of the process standards required by the State of Indiana Academic Standards. Every state in the U.S. has similar requisites to ensure that students are learning age-appropriate skills.

"X's and O's Changes the Game" addresses problem solving much like the game of chess. It only takes a few minutes to learn and the rules are so simple that even young children can immediately learn to play. I highly recommend the game for families and classrooms."

Maureen Stafford
Director of Instructional Programs and Assessment
School Town of Munster, Indiana

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